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Time & Kudos & Shopping Where It Counts

November 03, 2017
This is the weekend we get to turn back the clocks and get that extra hour of sleep to prepare for the frenzies of the upcoming holiday season.

It seems it was only a few weeks ago we began the year 2017, and here it is in its final months. Here it is almost Thanksgiving, then almost Hanukkah, first day of winter, Christmas and then 2018.

It occurred to me a couple of decades ago why the earth seems make its trip around the sun a little faster each year. For a 10-year-old, a year is a full 10 percent of his or her life to date. For a 50-year-old, that drops to two percent. My year currently represents about 1.5 percent of my lifetime.

That says something about perspective, I suppose. It means that not every crisis that arrives is life-threatening. It means that we know there are pathways through those mountains that loom on the horizon. Yes, we could fall off a cliff. Or some lunatic might try to blow up the bridge across a canyon. But we've traversed trails and bridges like those before and by the grace of God or Goodness, we are still in the game.

Enough from the keyboards of the elders.

Kudos on Longevity

A new restaurant creates excitement. But an old one is the hallmark of community stability.

Spencer's Grill in Kirkwood is celebrating 70 years! Spencer's is crowded most weekend mornings. The tables are full. The cooks are slapping the grill with strips of bacon, pools of pancake batter, layers of scrapple, splashes of egg to be fried just so. Fresh biscuits and savory gravy wait in warming wells.

There will be a wait for the table. But sometimes you can squeeze in at the counter for a front seat on all the action. Lunch specials are served too, along with slices of home-baked pie.

Bill Spencer is long-gone. But his legacy remains right where he left it on Kirkwood Road at Monroe Avenue.

Spend It Here. Keep It Here.

You will probably hear more from me on this topic before the end of the year. But it is that season of make or break for the small, independently owned businesses that still bless parts of our towns.

You want to do something really important with your shopping dollars this season? Spend them right here at local shops. A high proportion of what you spend at a locally-owned shop stays right here in your community.

The national 3/50 Project says $68 of every $100 spent at an independently owned brick and mortar store stays right here in the community. Of that same $100 spent at a national chain store (also locally located), about $43 stays in your hometown. Shop online and the local margin dips to right around zero.

Do the right thing!

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